I2A Leadership Academy

I2A Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Formula:

Strategic Thinking + Strength-based Leadership + Engaging Your Network

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.

-- Chinese Proverb

Leadership development is the single biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity facing organizations today. Succession planning, innovation, growth, globalization, business development, and market-making are all priorities in this new permanent economy. The latest projections show an acute shortage of talent in the ages of 35 to 45 years old, leaving organizations with no “bench strength" to grow from. What's needed is an accelerated, experiential program designed to develop resilient, future-minded, and flexible leaders who understand how to think strategically within your organization.

our leadership formula

Our leadership formula is built around three essential competencies for leading in rapidly changing times: strategic thinking, strength-based leadership, and network leadership. Our application of this formula says: find a strength and leverage it; where one doesn't exist but is needed, develop the talent. Our philosophy says: all hands on deck! Everyone is called to lead in some capacity or another.

Strategic Thinking

the capacity to be flexible and future-minded in your thinking (ciritical and creativing thinking strengths and skills).

Strength-Based Leadership

the capacity to be self-aware in the moment, work from a source of natural strength, and inspire your team to do the same.

Engaging your Network

the capacity to influence beyond traditional boundaries of expertise, authority or reputation by understanding the art and science of engagement, digital and face-time relationships, and the technology-driven spread of ideas and momentum.

The i2a leadership academy is designed around a 3 stage process that includes:
new learning
combine new learning with what you already know to develop insights in your current context
development of personal action plans

Participants will be actively engaged in dialog throughout the workshop and will be making presentations of their insights and action plans throughout the three days. Consistent with BLI's approach to learning we will support the learning with active dialog and graphic facilitation techniques. Each young leader will leave with a set of tangible tools that they can use in their own organizations and as future volunteer leaders.

Recommended format: Three (3) day interactive format customized to fit our clients' needs and includes pre and post session learning activities to augment and reinforce competency development.


"We have achieved tremendous results and elevated the strategic thinking capabilities of our entire team over the past six (6) years by making this an annual process."

– CEO of an east coast manufacturer

"The work was amazing and it was great that everyone had a voice!"

– VP national trade association

"The strategic plan-on-a-page was instrumental in communicating and engaging our people all across the firm."

– Managing Partner Top-20 CPA firm


About the Authors

The i2a System and its companion offerings has been co-authored and developed by Tom Hood, CEO of the Business Learning Institute and Gretchen Pisano, President of Sounding Board Ink. Combining broad and deep business expertise, a wealth of practical experience, and a heavy dose of inspiration has resulted in an integrated platform of learning experiences that focuses on organizational, individual and social (network) growth and development. It has been used around the globe and across industries - businesses, non-profits, and deep inside the CPA Profession (CPA firms and corporate finance teams).

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