I2A Strategic Planning

I2A Strategic Planning

The discipline of defining strategy and putting it into practice can be challenging for teams and organizations. We provide strategic consulting to help organizations clarify their future, identify their best and most creative strategic opportunities and set a course forward with very specific action steps. Most importantly, we teach you how to put that thinking in a power-graphic format so that it is simple, memorable and interesting to the rest of your organization.

The i2a: Insights to Action Thinking System is a systematic approach to strategic planning designed to engage your people in creating a shared strategy that creates alignment, commitment, and inspires action.

The Five-Phase Process

The five-phase process of Sight, Insight, Create, Communicate and Inspire are designed to go beyond the traditional strategic planning process to:
  • focus on the rigor of the process and the caliber of the conversation
  • draw on verbal and visual techniques to engage and inspire
  • use large format templates to guide the process and create the forum for people to "share the air" creating engagement and participation
  • develop engaging communication tools by virtue of the process
  • teach strategic thinking skills beyond the subject matter

Recommended format: two (2) day interactive format customized to fit our clients’ needs including a "design session" to identify key outcomes and deliverables.

It is hard to plan for the long term future when you don’t know what is going to happen five minutes from now. Today, a competitive edge is thin and temporary; the edge quickly becomes the margin. The ability to define the edge, and the ultimate competitive advantage, is found in the smarts, heart and ingenuity of your people - that's your powerhouse. Tap that, train it, focus it and mobilize it; now you've engaged a network and inspired a sustainable shift.

- Tom Hood & Gretchen Pisano, co-authors of the i2a: Insights to Action Strategic Thinking System

When we were looking for someone to partner with and we looked at the curriculum and content and what people were saying about the workshops and the education they take with the Business Learning Institute, it was just a natural fit.

- Jennifer Warawa, Sage

Future Forums

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." – Peter Drucker

The i2a: Future Forum is a way to quickly assess your changing business environment, identify and prioritize the top trends to watch, and draw a line of sight to your strategic plan. Future Forums prepare you for the future so that you can position your team and your business.


"We have achieved tremendous results and elevated the strategic thinking capabilities of our entire team over the past six (6) years by making this an annual process."
– CEO of an east coast manufacturer

"The work was amazing and it was great that everyone had a voice!"
– VP national trade association

"The strategic plan-on-a-page was instrumental in communicating and engaging our people all across the firm."
– Managing Partner Top-20 CPA firm


About the Authors

The i2a System and its companion offerings has been co-authored and developed by Tom Hood, CEO of the Business Learning Institute and Gretchen Pisano, President of Sounding Board Ink. Combining broad and deep business expertise, a wealth of practical experience, and a heavy dose of inspiration has resulted in an integrated platform of learning experiences that focuses on organizational, individual and social (network) growth and development. It has been used around the globe and across industries - businesses, non-profits, and deep inside the CPA Profession (CPA firms and corporate finance teams).

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